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Well, i cant stand back and do nothing anymore. I’ve been called to do something, and all i can think to do is collect as much information as i can and present it all in one central location for anyone and everyone who wants and needs to know what is going on in our world, and the Evils that are at work against Our Holy Catholic Church! This world is in a very sad state, for many many reasons, which i wont go into now, but bottom line is, we all, each and everyone of us need to start in our own lives! At home, work, church the voting  polls, in our everyday choices that we make either for ourselves, or ones that affect your whole family, company or constituents. We are all called by GOD to be the example of Love, lets all do our part. I will try to update on a daily basis, as much important information as i can, and sometime its not going to be pretty, but the truth is what we all need to know, so thank you for taking the time to read this, and i would really appreciate feedback from you or some important information that you may feel needs to be posted on this Blog.


God Bless each and everyone of you,



About D R Hayes Photography

Photographer based in the high desert of Southern California.... Pentax FanBoy love God, family and action sports photography... environmental Wedding and portrait photography
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