Protest 7/22/2012

OK, so Sundays are not a good day to protest. Almost nobody shows up, and the small amount of traffic on the road makes us a bigger target. Things were thrown at my wife today(They Missed Thank GOD), but it goes to show the Lies that Planned Parenthood has been feeding the people of our Nation for decades has a firm grip on some peoples realities, and it is very sad and disturbing. I Pray for these poor people who’s views about life and love are so warped, they are so unhappy, and can’t and don’t know GODS love and peace in their own hearts, may one day through Gods Grace come to find peace. Please pray for the unhappy people in this world, and please pray that we are all safe out there during all of our future protest. God Bless, and see you all at 4PM tomorrow evening.
BTW Watch out for the women in this Van!!!!!



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Photographer based in the high desert of Southern California.... Pentax FanBoy love God, family and action sports photography... environmental Wedding and portrait photography
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1 Response to Protest 7/22/2012

  1. Nick says:

    well it all counts for us. GOD was with us today with that crazy lady and her peppers

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