Special Announcement

Just to let everyone know, this Blog and Concerned Citizens of The High Desert(CCOTHD) are not in any way affiliated with, nor will we ever be affiliated with Warriors 4 Life or project Leonor, and, we are not quite sure why there info is being spread around on the informational fliers that we are trying to get into all of the Parish Bulletins. We know who is doing this, but the reasons why are unclear. We have one goal, and that is to focus on stopping Planned Parenthood from opening shop here in the High Desert, and to add complications to this already difficult fight just doesn’t make any logical sense. So please, if you are approached by anybody involved with these other organizations, please use your best Discretion. Thank You


About D R Hayes Photography

Photographer based in the high desert of Southern California.... Pentax FanBoy love God, family and action sports photography... environmental Wedding and portrait photography
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2 Responses to Special Announcement

  1. Jo Ann says:

    I am so proud of all those hanging in everyday for this fight. It is not easy and I know we are making an impression.

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